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Campervan Hire from Christchurch to Banks Peninsular, Hanmer Springs, Kaikoura, Ohau Walkway & Waterfall

Pick up your Wicked Camper from our depot in Christchurch and hit the road baby. Take a quick detour to Banks Peninsula and soak up the beautiful views. Drive north towards Hanmer Springs, discover the picturesque town of Kaikoura, followed by the beautiful Ohau & Stream Walkway and Waterfall.

Have a quickie in Banks Peninsular

Pick up your campervan from our depot in Christchurch and take a detour to Banks Peninsular, via State Highway 76 and 75.

A campervan trip around this beautiful peninsula will reward you with picturesque vistas at every turn baby.

Banks Peninsular presents a thriving artisan culture and a marine environment with plenty of sexy wildlife. Immerse yourself in Akaroa, a beautiful seaside retreat just 90 minutes from Christchurch.

A quick trip here and you’ll discover a fascinating mix of artists, creative spirits, histories and artisan producers whom are incredible passionate with the region they call home.

New Zealand campervan rental

Christchurch Adventure Park

On a side note, Christchurch also has some major plans in the works for all you crazy mountain bikers out there. A new project to create the world’s first purpose built, downhill mountain-bike park (with year round chairlift access), is in the works.

The land is made up of two valleys that will be used for the bike trails, zip lines and adventure trails. Located in a market that is renowned for sport loving nationals and an adventure tourism destination, the park will also provide an assortment of ancillary activities catering to a wide but highly accessible market.

Located in Port Hills, the ethos is simple – to produce the world’s best quality and most accessible downhill mountain-bike park. Sounds rad huh? Keep up to date with it here.

New Zealand campervan rental

Relax in Hanmer Springs Pools

Take your Wicked Camper up to Hanmer Springs, a true spot of luxury surrounded by mountains and forests with crisp alpine air and award winning natural thermal pools.

Hop out the campervan and check out the exciting array of adventure activities; from fishing and hunting to jetboating and bundy jumping, world class cafes and restaurants - there’s plenty on offer.

The most popular attraction being the Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa – a stunning complex of natural thermal pools, massage pools, hydroslides and New Zealand’s only superbowl aquatic thrill ride.

New Zealand campervan rental

Discover the picturesque town of Kaikoura

Head north along the coast from Cave Stream (away from Christchurch), you’ll discover Kaikoura, a picturesque coastal town, perfect for spotting some sexy marine life. Catch whales, fur seals and dolphins baby.

Kaikoura’s environment is truly spectacular. The village is caught between the Pacific Ocean and the rugged Seaward Kaikoura Range. In winter the mountains are covered with snow, heaps and heaps of that pure white goodness.

Here’s a fact - in the Maori language, Kaikoura means "meal of crayfish," a nod to the New Zealand township's seafood-rich origins. Remnants of those early days can be found at Fyffe House (the oldest surviving building) and inside Kaikoura Museum.

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Ohau & Stream Walkway and Waterfall

Once you’re done in Kaikoura, hop back in your Wicked Camper and drive about 20 minutes further north, you’ll discover another hidden gem - Ohau & Stream Walkway and Waterfall (roughly two hours north of Christchurch).

The Ohau Waterfall isn't too far off the main highway and highly recommended on your roadtrip. The pool can be inundated with sexy seals or along the stream. Sexy seals ffs! You probably won’t spot any in Summer though, so if seals are your thing, then I suggest you visit around Winter time.

Set amidst a verdant and beautiful forest, this is a gorgeous spot to rest up your wheels, have a picnic, drink some beers and relax.

Campervan Hire New Zealand

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