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Explore the Patagonia in a Wicked Camper

What is Patagonia? It is endless green pine forest? Could it be countless lakes surrounded by white snow mountains? Patagonia, the end of the world, is the place where you will fell free and in touch with the nature wherever you might be. Patagonia is the place where you can amaze yourself with the majesty of nature that has not been completely explored, where the wild can still be sense. Believe it! It’s not a dream, come and discover Patagonia.

Patagonia in a Wicked Camper is something awesome that you will never forget. About one quarter of the distance is unpaved making this a really adventure trip. You will never forget the stormy windy nights, shaking the van while you sleep. You will feel so cozy and protected in your Wicked Camper.

You will be driving through areas scarcely traversed by tourists: endless plains and with the possibility to do some hiking around Torres del Paine and the Fitz Roy. You can bunk down for the night with your campervan almost everywhere.

So put your hiking boots on, fill your backpack with trail-mix, and warm clothes, and then get yourself into a Wicked Camper.

PatagoniaMinimum Hiring Time:

Santiago – Punta Arenas or the other way around (one way - Min. 20 days)

Puerto Varas – Punta Arenas or the other way around  (one way - Min. 14 days)

Hiring Conditions: B Insurance  + Documents to cross to Argentina Obligatory

Best time to go: From September to March


From the beginning of May to the end of September, conditions can be really hard and most of natural parks are closed. Pretty cold nights as well…

Some countries have to pay a reciprocity fee to get to Argentina (ex: USA, Canada, Australia, etc). Wicked Campers is not responsible for the paperwork of this reciprocity.

Patagnia Run map


1. Santiago
2. Santa Cruz
3. Pichilemu
4. Siete Tazas
5. Pucón
6. Puerto Varas
7. San Martin
8. Bariloche
9. Esquel
10. Futalefú
11. Coihaique
12. Chile Chico
13. Perito Moreno
14. El Chaltén
15. Calafate
16. Torres del Paine
17. Punta Arenas
18. Ushuaya


Starting your trip from Santiago, you will be driving through the famous Panamericana Ruta 5 and pass by amazing places you shouldn’t miss!! Have a stop in the Colchagua Valley to taste ones of the best wines in Chile, go surfing in Pichilemu or Buchupureo to ride excellent waves or go hiking in the beautiful National Park Siete Tazas.

After those stops, go camping at Pucón overlooking the active Villarica Volcano… which you might even want to try climbing. From Pucón, drive to Argentina crossing a unique piece of nature. The forests along both countries are full of very old Araucaria trees. You continue your trip by the lake area between San Martin de Los Andes and Bariloche. Driving and camping on CARRETERA AUSTRAL is also pretty neat. 

Near Esquel, go back to the Chilean border where the epic Carretera Austral begins. This southern Chilean highway passes through a very diverse landscape. The first part is characterized by narrow valleys, fast flowing rivers and waterfalls. Because the micro-climate, tropical forests with ferns, bamboo and giant trees prevail here. This is an enormous contrast to the Argentine side which is very desert-like.

The last part of the Carretera Austral is curvy and offers truly spectacular views over the Lake General Carrera. You will be back in Argentina side on the VAST Ruta 40.  This road is a legend in Argentina and similar to Route 66 in North America! It runs from south to north; large parts still unpaved. Drive past colorful mountain ranges, the Cave of the Hands, and, you will see in nice weather, the Fitz Roy, massive even at a great distance. Travel from the cozy town of “El Chalten” while eating delicious pizza and continue south on Ruta 40 to El Calafate. There you can see the famous Perito Moreno glacier.

If fate is telling you to continue your journey, you can go to the Torres del Paine. This world-famous mountain rises steeply from the surrounding landscape. Here is where the real trekking is. While driving and camping at Torres del Paine National park, you will find Guanacos, and Condors. Next, you have only a short drive ahead to Punta Arenas, and if you are motivated you can make it to Tierra de Fuego and Ushuaia before coming back to Punta Arenas.

Where to cross the border between Chile and Argentina??

Starting the Carretera Austral… 3 Options:

  • From Chiloe: Take a ferry from Castro or Quellón until Chaiten (only once a week)
  • Drive through Puerto Montt until getting to Hornopirén (take a little ferry from Caleta la Arena to Caleta Puelche – no need to book this ferry). There, in Hornopirén, take a ferry until Caleta Gonzalo (recommended to book 3 days in advance in high season:
  • Cross to Argentina in Osorno and get back to Chile in Esquel/Futaleufu

Then to get further south than Coihaique, you will need to cross the border to Argentina in Chile Chico and get down to the south in Ruta 40 in Argentina. Later you will be able to get back to Chile in Cerro Castillo (to visit Torres del Paine).

To get to Ushuaia, you need to take a ferry in Porvenir or Punta Delgada.


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