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Campervan Hire from Los Angeles to Vancouver via San Francisco, Portland & Seattle...

Hiring a Wicked Camper in Los Angeles? Well do it baby. Need ideas on where to go? Head North - along the coast, through surf towns Ventura, Santa Barbara & Santa Cruz onwards to the incredible Big Sur and San Francisco. Keep tracking north (and if you've got time - hit up Yosemite National Park & Death Valley) towards Oregon and the gateway to the amazing Pacific North-West. This is where you'll see more nature porn than in a David Attenborough documentary and the setting for Ken Kesey's epic books 'One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest' and 'Sometimes a Great Notion'.

This road trip planner takes you from Los Angeles, up along the fabled Californian Coast and across to Yosemite National Park. It takes you to the place where Kurt Cobain grew up and the place where he finally ate a bullet. It's a crazy cool trip, even better in a Wicked Camper baby...

Plan your Campervan Trip from Los Angeles

So, you wanna take a campervan roadtrip U-S-A style? Well good choice baby - the USA is perhaps the best country on Earth for roadtrippin'. Just not the Greyhound bus - that fucking sucks. I once took a 14 hour bus ride from San Diego to Las Vegas. Surrounded by pregnant 16-year-olds, fat cowboys and very sad people, it was like a Coen Brothers film that wouldn't fucking end...

Nevertheless - had you planned your trip a little better than I, you would have hired a campervan and hit the road on your own. Imagine it now...stop off in Ventura for a surf, witness a gang shooting in Santa Barbara, smoke some puff at Big Sur and pick up babes in San Francisco. Then cruising the north-west and seeing first-hand why Kerouac, Hemingway, Kesey and about a million other asshole writers cracked 15ft boners over the region.

As I say - it's important to plan your roadtrip a little.

Los Angeles campervan rental

Hit the road.

So you've dealt with the extremely good-looking fuckers in the Wicked Campers LA Depot, and now you're ready to hit the road in your pseudo-60's, cuckoo's nest on wheels. Head North, along the coast - maybe stop by in Malibu to check out the babes and waves. Be sure to get some In-n-Out burger before taking your sexy campervanm outta LA - that shit is ridiculous.

If you want, it might be a good idea to check out LA before getting the fuck out. Cruise through Beverly Hills or down to Long Beach for a day - there's plenty to see and plenty of freaky people, all looking to get famous, fucked up or just freaky. A few spots to see in LA - Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach, Hermosa Beach, Hollywood, oh and get one of those Map to the Stars' Homes and throw rocks at Mel Gibson's windows...

Campervan Hire Los Angeles

Stopover in Ventura or Santa Barbara

Hopefully by now you've made it outta LA via it's incredible maze of freeways and you're lovin' life in the campervan. So heading north, you'll wanna stopover in some places yeah? Unless you're some kind of weirdo who just likes to pop pills and drive for 38 hours?

If you're into surfing, or even just a bit of wanky surf culture, you'll wanna cruise into Ventura - Pro Surfer Dane Reynold's hometown. There's waves (cold), babes and all of the kitsch that comes with Californian beach culture. Once you're sick of Ventura, keep that campervan ticking over northwards to Santa Barbara. Things to do in Santa Barbara: breathing, sitting and looking at things. Or you could rent a bike (NO better yet, STEAL a bike) and go exploring. The area has a heap of vineyards for wine-freaks and some nice beaches for sitting on, while breathing.

Wicked Campervan Hire USA

Find out why Kerouac had such a boner for Big Sur

The Monterey region of California is where nature-freaks go to jack off to nature-porn. There's lots of it and it's hot baby. It's even hotter when viewed from the comfort of a Wicked Camper. Of course you'll want a pretty picture of Bixby Bridge - see pic right. There's also San Luis Obispo’s seal colonies if seals are your thing. Santa Cruz is another little iconic Californian surf town, a great place to sit and enjoy the sun and a beer.

If you dig hiking and stuff, then take your sexy little campervan a little bit inland to Pinnacles National Monument. There's impressive rock formations, caves and general abundance of natural sexiness. Once you've blown you load all over the natural wonder of the Monterey region, pack up the van and keep going San Francisco.

Wicked Campervan Hire USA

Try not to Die in Death Valley

How's the campervan going? I bet by this point, you're glad you've hired a van. No timetables, no schedules - you can just go when you want. So at this point you need to make a call - keep plowing up the coast or take a fucking crazy 500 mile detour inland to Death Valley. I mean who the fuck would do that? I really just wanted to put a picture of Death Valley here and because it sounds tough as fuck. DEATH Valley - a film with Clint Eastwood fighting Patrick Swayze in a hypothetical death match with rattlesnakes and giant robot-bears. I'd pay to see that.

Anyway if you do decide to be a crazy mother-fucker, Death Valley has plenty to offer. Every year around 60,000 rich, mild-mannered people descend on the region pretending to be poor, gypsy-like drug addicts for the Burning Man Festival. You've seen the pictures - tell me you don't wanna see that shit in real life?!

Campervan Rental USA

Jack off to nature porn in Yosemite National Park

By this point you've probably already seen a bunch of pretty things in San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 23, Alcatraz, and want to hightail your sexy campervan outta there to Yosemite National Park. Don't get me wrong - I really dig San Francisco, it's a really, really nice city. But it is kind of full of people who are so smug it feels like you'd just pitched a tent inside George Clooney's head.

Anyway, Yosemite National Park is around 165 miles from San Francisco and truly worth the trip. Set in California's Sierra Nevada Mountains, there's waterfalls, mountains, bears, rivers, trees and so much pretty nature you'll feel like you're a million miles away from George Clooney's head.

Wicked Campervan Hire Los Angeles

Explore Ken Kesey's Oregon Coastline

Have you read 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' or better yet 'Sometimes A Great Notion'? Well get on that man - park the campervan and read - now. If you want. Anyway, Ken Kesey wrote these books in the early 1960's, and basically they are awesome. Kesey, who hails from the region, describes the Oregon Coast and wild tall forests so well it feels like you're really there, pissing on a redwood. Anyway, the coastline is rugged and often cold. But it's beautiful, kind of same way it feels good when you get spanked on the bottom by a good-looking person.

It's also an amazing place for taking photo's, just be sure to include pictures of your campervan. And then send them to us. We like pictures. And we like you, and we think you'll dig this roadtrip. So get out there, hire a campervan from the sexy fuckers at Wicked Campers Los Angeles and start exploring the majesty of this wild coast.

LA Campervan Hire

Stop over in Kurt Cobain's home town

Before Kurt Cobain became an awesome musician with a fetish for eating shotgun bullets, he grew up in Aberdeen - a bleak little shit-hole about an hour from Seattle, near the Washington Coast. There's the bridge where 'something was in the way', there's his crappy old house and you kind of get the feeling that if you'd grown up here, you'd also develop an inkling for blowing holes in the top of your head.

If you don't give three shits about Nirvana, then get your Wicked Camper to Seattle and check out the Space Needle, the live music scene or just eat a fuckin hot dog and watch a game of baseball. At any rate, you're near the Canadian border - and getting across with a Wicked Camper is easy baby. As long as you're not smuggling 33 Mexicans in the very spacious interior of your campervan...

LA Campervan Hire

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