Wicked Van 2-3

Wicked Van 2-3 include everything you need for a kick-ass roadtrip...

Sometimes in life, less is more. Some of the best experiences you will have in life happen when you have to improvise – and these Iconic Campervans are full of such experiences. Cheap, reliable and basic these are our original style camper for the budget conscious traveller.

This rental campervan has all the features you need without the bells and whistles so you can spend less on hire transport and accommodation and more on yourself!


You only live once yeah? So why not get freaky baby and drive around New Zealand in a campervan that would make even Cheech & Chong cream their chino's...

Campervan Specifications

  • For Drivers 18+
  • Mostly Manual Transmission^
  • Sleeps & Seats 3 Adults
  • Large comfy bed (1.45m wide x 1.85m long)
  • Kitchenette, Gas Cooker, Plates, Cups & Bowls
  • Ice Cooler for Beers & Food
  • Internal table and lounge
  • Saucepan + Fry Pan
  • Unlimited KM Allowance*
  • Best value way to see New Zealand!
*Subject to Minimum Hire Requirements. ^Limited availability of Automatics available on request.

Optional Extras

Camp Stools & Table, Under 21’s can hire these Campervans, Up to 4 Extra Drivers allowed, GPS Available for Hire, Snow Chain Hire also available!

License Requirements

For Australian & NZ Drivers: All Drivers must be at least 18 Years of Age. Red & Green P-Plates are fine, however additional fees apply

For International Drivers: All Drivers must be at least 18 Years of Age. It is a legal requirement in New Zealand that anyone using an international licence/translation must also be carrying their original licence. Some customers may require a translated version of their International Drivers License.

Wicked Campervan Hire

Wicked Campers and Finding a Cure for SLS...

When was the last time you took a holiday? Was the creature on Donald Trump's head still alive? Was a Floppy Disk not just a term to describe erectile dysfunction? Was Bono slightly less of a dick?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may be suffering from 'Shit Life Syndrome' - or SLS as I shall refer to it. Symptoms of SLS can include irritability, chronic hair-loss and a tendency to settle down and get married at 23. What's the remedy? Who can help?

Great imaginary friend of Wicked Campers, Dr Van Dickberger frequently counsels a 'Consortium of Ultra Naughty Teenagers' or 'CUNTs' as referred to in Harvard Medical Journals. Van Dickberger firmly believes that young people are not born CUNT's, it is a combination of factors and illnesses (including SLS) that contribute to the manifestation of anti-social behaviours.

To this end, Dr Van Dickberger has been working closely with Wicked Camperson a cure. And we're close. Really close.

Recent studies involving Wicked Campers' latest range of Brand New Premium 4WD's & Campershave seen some truly incredible results in Van Dickberger's most problematic patients. So much so that the Doctor has developed a new diagnosis for these reformed patients - now referring to them as 'Good CUNTs'.

So step up and take a stance against Shit Life Syndrome, hire a Wicked Premium Camper or 4WDand be a Good CUNT.

This has been a community safety announcement from Wicked Campers and Dr Van Dickberger, who may be a real person and if he is, is not in any way affiliated with this announcement. #litigation #safetyfirst #science

campervan rental australia

Mike has now made a full recovery, thanks to Wicked Campers.

Now here's some random information about campervans to fill out the bottom of the page...

New Zealand Campervan Rental

Are you planning on taking a rodadtrip in New Zealand, or maybe you’re embarking on a holiday and camping vacation in Auckland, Christchurch or Queenstown? If so, why not take the comfort and security of a camper van hire? Wicked campervan rental, located in all major cities in New Zealand, offers camper van rental options that could make your trip a more pleasant one. View the details of our amazing camper rental pricing or special offers and save on your hire. To check availability, contact us or book online now.

Our campervan give you the amenities that will provide for the comfort for your holiday in New Zealand. Wicked camper rental sleeps up to 5 people. You can enjoy the road, wild life and scenery of New Zealand by the campfire. Or if you wish to stay inside due to bad weather, no worries, because you’ll have a stove to cook your meals on. Dont worry about waking up to frost in the morning, our camper vans will provide you comfort and feeling toasty in no time. Our campervans can also handle a heat wave, just switch on the air conditioning and relax in your camper rental as you cool off.

Eat, Sleep, and chill... the Wicked way. Simply open up the back door of our camper van for an instant fully equipped kitchen. Pop up the table for easy meals and cosy van talk. Store your stuff away in large cupboards under the seats. Enjoy a huge comfy bed for hanky-panky and a perfectly Wicked night!

Wicked Campers New Zealand is available in 3 major cities; Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown. This will make things easy for you to pickup and dropoff your campervan. New Zealand is a vast country, it is best to enjoy it on the road so you wont missed a spot. You can start your campervan holiday from Auckland and end it in Queenstown or the other way around. So if you are looking at camper van rental in New Zealand and want a sexy deal – look no further. Book your cheap van hire online now or phone our gorgeous sales team (but be careful – you may fall in love)


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