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This year we notched up our 150,000th Australian hire and these babies have well and truly become iconic on Aussie roads!

We're constantly looking to re-shape the roadtrip experience, and our current range of vehicles offer something for everyone and anyone! Whether you wanna get freaky and hire a campervan with a stage, or just keep it tame with a plain white and fresh minicamper - the choice is there!

Have a look and see what you think doods - and remember we're here if you need us: 1800 24 68 69! Campervan Hire in Australia has never been so freaky!

Our Range of Campervans for Hire...


Iconic 2/3-Seater Campervans

Cheap, reliable and basic these are our original style camper for the budget conscious traveller. Save more on your hire, spend more on your beer!


Premium 2-Seater Campervans

These BRAND NEW Suzuki APV Vans are campervans for people with exquisite taste and impeccable style. Sporting a shiny thing and some metally-type things, these bad boys are really nice…and good.


Zeppelin 3-Seater Campervan

Looking to stand-out? Perhaps breakfast with a view? Or just heading to a festival and need priority perving position in the campground? Well hire our Zeppelin 3-Seater Campervans baby!


Fantastic 5-Seater Campervans

Fitted out with a MASSIVE Rooftop Tent, a sweet kitchenette in the rear and a kick-ass paintjob - these babies are ready for the road.


Family Tourer 5-Sleeper (Hobart Only)

With a Custom-Built Rear Cabin to store all your luggage, a heap of Cooking Equipment and a Massive Rooftop Tent, Wicked's Family Tourer 5-Sleeper Camper is made for travellers looking to be self-sufficient in Tasmania's wilderness.

Foxy Lady 9-Seater

Got a whole heap of peoples you need to move? Heading to a festival? Are you in a band? Well this 9-Seater tour bus is ready for hire baby!

The LSD Machine 12-Seater

Is your band touring OZ? Need some wheels? Check it – the LSD Machine, our 12-Seater Tour Bus. Decked out with Heaps of storage for equipment and a Rooftop Stage with Astro-turf – this bad boy is ready to roll.

Does your head hurt when you pee?

If it does, you may have acute cranial stick-o-plexia - a horrible affliction that I just made up in my mind. Symptoms include sweating from embarrassing areas, sticking to leather couches and an obsessive compulsive tendency to lick the back of peoples heads at the supermarket. What does any of this have to do with hiring a Wicked Camper?I'm not sure really, but I've hired a Wicked Camper- and I don't suffer from Stick-o-plexia, so it would seem that what you need to do is hire a Wicked Camperto avoid becoming another victim of this terrible imaginary disorder that I just made up, just then.
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