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Wicked Campers is the ultimate roadtrip experience for you and your mate. We provide the perfect budget accommodation you need for your travel. Getting arround is easy in a Wicked campervan. More freedom than an organised tour for less than half the price. Our campervan is the most flexible way to get around Australia, New Zealand, Europe, South America, Africa, Canada and North America. Cheaper than a package tour or bus and hostels! Wicked campervan rental has depots in 34 major cities, we are just a phone call away. Take advantage of special rates we offer as well as special offers at Wicked.

Great campervan offers all year long!

For a great start to your holiday book a Wicked campervan! Here you will find quality, cheap and perfect campervan offers. We offer great specials that would amaze your desire. Regardless if what you think you know, what you have seen or done so far, nothing will prepare you for, can be compared to, or will come close to what your are about to experience in a Wicked roadtrip adventure!

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Travelling by campervan is a great option. There are no restrictions other than those you impose on yourself, you have freedom of the open road. Wicked Campers combines budget travelers with the perfect backpacking adventure. Our cheap rental provide the best campervan hire services for you and its better and cheaper than renting a car.

Campervan, 4WD, 4X4 and Cheap Car Hire

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Unbeatable price on our campervans rental options and total freedom to go anywhere you want. Unbeatable experience with many roadtrip options and wide variety of vans. It is the best budget accommodation you can find for your roadtrip. Eat, sleep and chill...the Wicked way! Simply open up the back door for an instant fully equipped kitchen. Pop up the table for easy meals and cosy van talk. Store your stuff away in large cupboards under the seats. Relax and enjoy a huge bed for a perfectly Wicked night.

With your own campervan, you can set your own pace and stop when and where you like. You are not fixed to a set itinerary and you have the convenience of sleeping and cooking facilities onboard. Wicked camper van hire is also economical compared to separate accommodation and transport, particularly for large groups.

Eat, Sleep, and chill... the Wicked way. Simply open up the back door of our van for an instant fully equipped kitchen. Pop up the table for easy meals and cosy van talk. Store your stuff away in large cupboards under the seats. Enjoy a huge comfy bed for hanky-panky and a perfectly Wicked night!

  • Classic & Chilled Campers: Our original style camper for the budget conscious traveller.
  • Premium Campers: the latest Wicked Campers to hit the Australian highways.
  • Classic Cars: there’s an assortment of hatchbacks, sedans and stationwagons available (all 5-seaters!).
  • 4WD Campervan: 4WD campervan let you get off the beaten track and see more of Australia.
  • Wicked 4x4s: 4x4 vehicles that are available for your outback adventures.
  • Mini Campers: shiny little Toyota Corolla’s. Save a tonne on fuel and accommodation.
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